kool3Rodney ‘2Kool’ Compton, hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is an artist whose music background consists of hip-hop, rap, spiritual rap, and r&b.  Strongly influenced by Scarface, Jay Z, Big K.R.I.T, J. Cole, Nas, Geto Boys, 8ball&MJG, Twista, Tupac, and all of Rap-A-Lot Records artists, he describes his own music as “truth music.”

2Kool is the latest rap phenomenon and is destined for greatness.  He writes and creates relatable music that discusses the events that occur in the lives of many, all while having his own style. 2Kool speaks on topics that other rappers tend to stray away from. He strives to tell his listeners the truth, from discussing spirituality to telling the unglorified story of growing up in an impoverished environment.  2Kool works through his records to encourage people to have a better outlook on life. It is his aspiration “to bring substance back to the rap industry and relay a good message to the public instead of mislead.”

2Kool has established his place as a forced to be reckoned with in today’s competitive environment. Performing at various industry showcases and being featured in various magazines, proves 2Kool to certainly be an artist on the rise. His smash single, “High Definition” is already receiving airplay on numerous radio stations and is in steady rotation on several internet radio stations. Currently working of an upcoming album, he continues to make musical achievements.